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DSS Fraud

Benefit Fraud

Anyone who claims benefit while they are working or makes any benefit claim that appears to be fraudulent will be asked to attend a formal interview at the DWP's offices. That interview will be tape recorded and you will be entitled to have a solicitor present. If you are on benefit we can attend that interview for free and advise you of your rights. You should always ensure you have a solicitor present for such an interview and you only need to call us and we will arrange for a solicitor to attend.

If you receive a summons to Court for a DWP Prosecution we have all the knowledge to help you through the Court process. Some cases can carry a prison sentence, so you should make sure you have legal advice, Legal Aid is available for most of these cases so any advice will be free.

Trinity Advocates have experience in these cases whether it is at interview, Magistrates' Court or even the Crown Court. We will ensure that whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty the case is thoroughly prepared to secure the best result for you.

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