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Prison Law

Prison Law

Prison Law covers a range of matters. The issues below are some of the ones that cause the most frequent concern for our clients :


Adjudication proceedings arise when inmates are formally charged with breaches of prison discipline (under Prison Rule 51). Inmates are entitled to legal advice and representation in some cases) in adjudications before the Governor There is an automatic right to legal representation if the case is to be heard by the Independent Adjudicator (usually a District Judge) who has the power to add additional days to the inmate's sentence if the charge is proven.

Appealing Adjudications:

It is possible to request a review of any proven adjudications. Advice and assistance is available to help inmates appeal unfair decisions made by either the Governor or the Independent Adjudicator. You need to contact us quickly though as strict time-limits apply.

Home Detention Curfew:

Eligible inmates can be released early under this scheme (usually known simply as "HDC" or "tagging"). If an inmate's application is unsuccessful, we can help with an appeal.

IEP Problems and/or Security Category Reviews:

If an inmate has been denied enhanced status because s/he has been unable to comply with an unreasonable sentence plan, it is possible to appeal the decision. The same applies to inmates who have been denied progression to less secure custodial conditions. I can assist with submission of appropriate representations to the relevant Governors.

Parole Reviews:

Parole can be a minefield and inmates can often feel frustrated and upset about the contents of reports and lack of information about the process itself. Advice and assistance is available to help inmates prepare for their parole review and submit representations in the case of paper panels. If the parole review is to be by way of an oral hearing, we can also represent inmates before the panel.


This is an area where I most often hear inmates say they feel as if they have been abandoned by the system; but this does not have to be the case. The Public Protection Casework Section is overworked and the important thing is to ensure your case is not overlooked. I can provide advice and assistance to inmates if their case is being considered on the papers. If, however, the case is to be considered by an oral panel, inmates are entitled to legal representation.

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