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Warren Robinson - Partner

Warren started his career as a Barrister in 1997. He then re-qualified as a Solicitor and soon became a partner in a busy South East London practice, Venters and Co.

He relocated to Devon in 2005 and during that time has forged a significant reputation for himself and has developed extensive client following.

Warren has experience of dealing with the most serious matters and whilst practising in London was involved in defending in complex and serious cases nationwide. He was involved in representing one of the Millennium Dome Diamond Robbers as well as other high profile cases. He appeared regularly at the Old Bailey.

He has extensive experience in Fraud and Confiscation Proceedings which require meticulous preparation and an eye for detail, which Warren has in abundance.

Since his move to Exeter he has also been involved in a number of serious matters including Devon's largest conspiracy trial in recent years.

Warren is a Duty Solicitor and a Higher Court Advocate. Warren is more that happy to represent his clients from the early Police Station stage right through to an appearance in the Crown Court if necessary.

Warren is a successful Crown Court advocate and will work hard with you to find and present the points in the evidence that you want to highlight and argue. He will keep looking for the opportunity to secure you the best outcome in your circumstances.

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