We are Trinity Advocates.

We are based in Exeter and are used to providing specialist advice and advocacy to our clients in the South West, accused of a crime or needing prison law help. People get arrested or interviewed at all hours and we have a 24/7 service for such situations, just tell the police you want Trinity Advocates help or call us on 01392 927111. We have the expertise to step in at all stages of the justice process to increase your chances of the best outcome .

Criminal Legal Aid Defence in Exeter and Devon 

Our lawyers will help anyone interviewed under caution after an arrest or because they have arranged to be interviewed voluntarily by the police or one of the other investigatory authorities like the Department of Work and Pensions, the Health and Safety Executive or the Military.

Then we help those who have to defend themselves at a trial or have to explain themselves at a sentencing hearing in any of the criminal courts, from the Magistrates to the Crown Court and from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. We have helped people with criminal law problems in all courts, all across Devon and the country.

Most of our work can be provided free under legal aid. Everyone gets free help if they are interviewed by police under caution and in every other situation we will give expert help to secure legal aid if it is available. If not we will offer as good private paying terms as we can. We would like everyone to have access to a lawyer when they have the resources of the Police, the Prison Service and the Prosecution pitted against them.

Our team is made up of lawyers who have dedicated their careers to defending people (Peter Seigne, Warren Robinson, Michaela Rose and Kate Scott) or to helping people facing crucial decisions about their time in prison (Suzanne Sage and Peter Seigne). Some of us have years of Higher Court advocacy experience, committed to finding a way to get you the best possible outcome if your case ends up before a Crown Court Judge or Jury.

We try to make ourselves as available as we can to our clients and to anyone wondering if they need our help. So when you call we aim to put you in touch with a lawyer there and then or as soon as we can afterwards. We are not going to charge anyone for talking to us about their problem over the phone or if they email us with a question.

We work with everyone: Young, old, professional, out of work, homeless, mentally ill or vulnerable. We will try to tailor how we work with you to suit your needs.

When you have made your mind up that you are going to fight an allegation or whatever you have decided is the outcome that you seek, then we will provide you with all the help we can to get the best result. We will advise you honestly, looking at all the options you might want to consider, but when you have made your decision, we will do our best and use all our knowledge, experience and resources to prepare and put your case.

Between us we have prepared and presented cases of the highest profile and of the most technical difficulty: So that includes frauds, murders, Health and Safety Executive prosecutions,  confiscation proceedings and all the sexual offences. For example, Trinity Advocates was a party to a key Supreme Court decision (our highest court in the land) about what level of fault was needed for a finding of guilt in a case of death by an uninsured driver.

Our lawyers have been involved in high profile Old Bailey Cases and Appeal cases, like the Millenium Dome robbery or the Balasingham murder cases.

On the other hand, day to day we represent all sorts of people who either deny or admit less serious, less complex offences in the Police Stations and courts around the county. We take on each one, knowing it’s a big deal for our clients and the people they care about. 

Defence and Prison Lawyers at Trinity Advocates

Peter Seigne is a partner, and specialises in criminal and prison law. He has been in Exeter for over 25 years and he is regularly referred work by other professionals from outside the criminal justice community. He is approachable, trustworthy and an excellent advocate.

Warren Robinson is also a partner, specialising in criminal law and is an experienced and imaginative advocate, as comfortable defending in the Crown Court as he is mitigating in the Magistrates or challenging investigators at the police station.  Our advocates are readily available to our clients and are hands on at all stages of the case preparation and presentation. Both partners are higher rights advocates.

Suzanne Sage is a well known prison lawyer throughout the South West. Her excellent local and technical knowledge is highly valued by our clients.

Michaela Rose and Kate Scott are criminal lawyers and are both thorough and robust.   They take the extra time to look out for our clients’ welfare.

Katie Rees is our office administrator and is likely the first person you will talk to when you call and she will refer you to the right lawyer, make you an appointment or send you the legal aid forms you will need. She also takes charge of keeping track of police investigations and updating our clients.

We hope you find this site useful. It is for clients and anyone interested in criminal justice. It isn’t a complete account of the system and it only contains our interpretation of how it works. We hope, but don’t promise, that its content is accurate and up-to-date. Contact one of us if you would like to know more.

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